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20 ways to help you save time and money!!

20 ways to help you save time and money!

1. Smart Planning
Wedding planners will save you time and money by steering you to the best suppliers and venues to suit your wedding budget. They can tell you what’s hot and what’s not in an ever-changing bridal industry.

2. Ceremony
Combining your wedding ceremony and reception at the one venue will not only save you cash but it’ll mean you and your guests can spend more time celebrating!

3. Kodak Moment
Save money on photography by limiting your photographer’s coverage time. Have their coverage finish after the first hour of your reception. That way they can still take shots of the room and guests arriving. Arrange a mock cake cutting early for your photographer to capture.

4. Save The Date
Send out save the date cards to guests in the lead up to the wedding. This will give guests time to organise cheaper flights if travelling from overseas or interstate.

5. Dress sense
Be sure to start looking for dresses at least six months in advance so you don’t have to pay for boutique rush fees. The average engagement is now 16.6 months according to Bride to Be’s Cost of Love survey, so you have plenty of time!

6. Scent-sational
Scatter rose petals across table tops for a pretty yet inexpensive way of decorating your reception. The gorgeous fragrance will be a bonus!

7. Numbers Game
To keep numbers down, refrain from inviting children and co-workers. Include your friend’s significant others but not casual dates. Try to keep the number of attendants down as well – the larger the bridal party, the more you’ll spend on gifts and flowers.

8. Cake
Have the wedding cake double as dessert and serve with tea and coffee at the end of your reception.

9. Honeymoon
Paying for some wedding costs with your credit card will earn you frequent-flyer points to put towards that romantic honeymoon. Bride to Be’s Cost of Love survey 2006 found 26 per cent of couples use credit cards to pay for their wedding.

10. Floral Tribute
Instead of elaborate bouquets for the bridesmaids, use wrist corsages. They’re very feminine and a fifth of the price of a bouquet.

11. Bomboniere
Look through fabric shops for lace offcuts and wrap these around candles or votives, secure with double-sided tape and attach a name tag with ribbon. Position candles at each guest’s place setting and light them. This will take care of candlelight, placecard, decorations and bomboniere all at once.

12. Fun Favours
If you’re planning on holding a garden ceremony, buy paper fans and offer them to your female guests. Not only will they keep them cool on a hot day, but they make novel gifts to take home.

13. Location, Location
March, October and November are peak wedding times, so booking a less popular time of year will help keep costs down. Opt for a Friday night or Sunday afternoon affair as rates are often lower. Brunch, lunch or champagne breakfast receptions are also cheaper and a growing trend. Or simply cut the length of your reception. Guests won’t really notice if your celebration is four rather than five hours long.

14. Serve ‘n’ Save
If you’re having a sit-down dinner at your reception, have table service rather than a buffet, as quantities are harder to control with a buffet. Serve more hors d’oeuvres during cocktail hour, less elaborate entrees or skip the entree all together.

15. Drink To That
Ask your caterer or venue if you can supply your own alcohol and buy it in bulk from a wine club. Cutting cocktail hour by 15 minutes can save you a surprising amount – 100 people can get through a couple of rounds in this time when they are thirsty. Opt for a soft bar of beer, wine and one ‘signature’ cocktail.

16. Transport Trick
Make two trips and use the same cars to transport both the groom’s party and the bride and bridesmaids (provided they are no more than 15-20 minutes away). By doubling back, you’re halving the number of cars used to transport everyone.

17. Sweet Saving
It’s a fact: square cakes feed more people. Have your cakemaker create a few simple tiers for the cake but order sheet cakes that are cut in the kitchen and served or boxed for guests to take home. Using fresh flowers to decorate your cake, rather than paying for the labour or having sugar craft blooms created by hand, will also save pennies.

18. Wedding Directories
Bride to Be has a comprehensive directory of wedding suppliers. Everything from flowers and bomboniere to hair and beauty contacts are listed for each state and region. This quick and effective resource will save you time scouting for industry professionals.

19. Online Offerings
Sign up for an online registry so guests will know exactly what you want (and need). Plus, they can purchase wedding presents from anywhere at any time. e.g. FREEASY BIG SALES-www.freeasy.my

20. Bride To Be’s annual Wedding Planning Guide
It’s an invaluable companion to help you dream, plan and coordinate the most stylish wedding ever. Jam-packed with timelines, to-do lists and practical tips, it’ll ensure you navigate your way through the wedding planning maze with ease. Or, you can ask for help from wedding planner. http://www.personaleventplanner.blogspot.com/

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The best way in order to get cheap wedding invitation

A great wedding party usually involves a great deal of planning. Limited budget need to not come within the option of spoiling one’s wedding. A single may have a classic wedding party complete with all of the rituals. The earliest way in a wedding is printing the wedding party invitation. Ine may use discount wedding invitations to be able to inform the guests. Getting wedding invitations cards for the guests does not necessarily mean having to be able to compromise on the excellent.

A single could have discount wedding party invitations plus still try to make the card appear elegant. The wedding card gives the guests the 1st impression with the wedding. The guests understand what to be able to anticipate at the wedding party via the wedding party invitation. You’ve to be able to focus on generating the invitation card private.

There are online stores that offer discount wedding invitations. It is these two key elements that try to make these cheap wedding invitations touch the heart of the wedding guests. 1 may pick out the colour, text and also graphics of the discount wedding invitations. The online stores can combine the chose elements for making an elegant wedding invitation. Several individuals prefer having the wedding invitation in accordance with the theme of the wedding. Having cheap wedding invitations does not mean that certain cannot do so. Even with a smaller budget, 1 may have discount wedding invitations that represent the theme of the wedding.

The lower price wedding ceremony invitations are obtainable at a much lowered price tag as they use price successful techniques. Engravings for the wedding ceremony invitation rise the finances. The exact same effect of engravings is brought about by cheap wedding party invitations makers by thermography. They usually do not use the blotter tissue for the discount wedding ceremony invitations. In case you want to be able to further lower your spending budget, stay clear of using colored ink for the invitation cards.

Low-cost marriage ceremony invitations usually do not seem affordable. Discount wedding ceremony invitations do not contain unnecessary info. Obtaining inexpensive wedding party invitations just isn’t a challenge currently. It is available in numerous on the net stores. The pattern in the wedding card may be noticed at the internet site in the inexpensive wedding invitations designer. The discount wedding party invitations can be delivered straight in order to the door.

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Choosing a Maternity Wedding Dress

Choosing a Maternity Wedding Dress
When selecting your gown, you should not assume that just your stomach will grow. Maternity weight gain can affect just about every part of you. Brides should also carefully select sleeves, and the neckline for wedding maternity dresses to ensure a good amount of comfort. An empress waist gown is banded around the bust line and has a free flowing skirt. These are very flattering cuts and allow for plenty of room for growing.

When you are searching for a dress that might not be sitting right in the front of a store, be sure to ask the sales person if there are any dresses specifically meant for pregnant brides, you may be surprised to find something available.

Regardless of the situation on your wedding day, you want it to be a day to remember where you felt beautiful. Wedding maternity dresses use to involve ordering a larger size of a traditional dress. Designers, stores and shopping options have created many different wedding maternity dress selections to choose from. It will also help to make your wedding day a memorable one where you felt and looked like the bride you had always dreamed of being.

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Looking Good: Maternity Wedding Dresses for Pregnant Brides

Becoming the mother is great fun nowadays. Each and every moment is so enjoyable that fright of that extreme pain completely flee from mind. Fear of loosing femininity that usually concerns pregnant women is also ironed out by trendy clothing.

Earlier pregnancy used to be looked upon as period when women have to keep her femininity and beauty aside for nine months. Most women think of pregnancy clothes as shapeless loose clothing. But today scenario is entirely opposite. Today’s dresses have proved everything wrong even if it will be used in your wedding. These extraordinary maternity wedding dresses give fabulous look. Enjoy those new curves and stay stylish during pregnancy with incredible maternity dresses on your wedding.

Pregnant mothers are free to get into any look they aspire for like trendy, modern, simple or sexy for their wedding dress. Extremely pleasing maternity wedding dress has completely taken worries of women regarding looks as compared to that of the past. They are highly in demand.

Many stores now sell off the rack gowns, where you can try on your wedding gown, pay for it and take it home the very same day. Before this option, brides had to order gowns 6 months or longer ahead of time that were cut to fit- which is not a very flexible or realistic option for a pregnant bride. Whether you are getting married quickly or want to wait to purchase your dress until closer to your due date, off the rack stores provide a great deal of flexibility when it comes to wedding maternity dresses.

Stores selling wedding maternity dresses also provide maternity pillows to help a bride envision the fit of her dress depending on what month you are getting married and what month you are due. The pillows are in sequential sizes by month to provide a size estimate. The pillows are certainly just estimates so you will still want to focus on the cut of your dress when looking at wedding maternity dresses.

Wedding Gowns for the Pregnant Bride

In today’s modern society, the old adage of “first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage” is not always true. Women often get married while pregnant, which poses a distinct problem when searching for the all-important wedding dress . With a little creativity and an eye for style, you can choose a flattering wedding dress that accommodates your style and your growing baby belly. Here are a few ways to find wedding gowns for the pregnant bride.

Maternity Gowns
• Luckily, because of the growing need for maternity gowns, there is a growing pool of designers who are happy to design gowns for pregnant women as part of their wedding lines. With a few simple searches online, you can find such wedding sites as TK-Designs.com and MaternityBride.com that cater to women who are pregnant when they get married. Remember to order your dress with the month of pregnancy you will be in when you are married in mind. Your belly will change drastically over the last few months of pregnancy, so order the gown size accordingly.

Empire Waist Gowns
• If you do not feel that a maternity gown is right for you, or you are to be married at the beginning of your pregnancy when you have just a small belly, choose a regular wedding gown that features an empire waist to accommodate for your small bump. Empire waist gowns emphasize the area right under your breasts and flow away from the body from that point, leaving you plenty of room for your pregnant belly. Because you are purchasing a regular gown, you should buy it one size larger than you would normally wear to allow for the changing size of your breasts and belly.

Custom Gowns
• The best way to get a perfect fit for your wedding gown is to have one custom made for you. In this case, it is best to choose a design that is loose fitting or to always have your fittings with the designer wearing a false belly that you can slip under the dress to mimic the size you will be on your wedding day for the truest fit. With a custom gown, you can find a dress designer or seamstress that will work with you to design the dress of your dreams. Try sketching out some designs on your own or identifying some characteristics your perfect maternity gown might have. Bring them to the seamstress and work with her to create a finished product that features your growing belly and looks beautiful on you

Beautiful Gowns for Maternity Brides

One of the most important decisions to any bride is choosing her wedding dress. The choices in styles, fabrics and colors are limitless for a traditional bride. Until recently, the selection and choices available to style conscious maternity brides was relatively limited. Since they do not fit into the traditional bridal mould this can often be a very frustrating and overwhelming experience for them.

Fortunately, the maternity bride now has a new definition when it comes to appropriate attire for a wedding gown. They are in search of that special dress that reflects their unique personality. They want their wedding to be a day of joy and celebration, and like any traditional bride, they too want to look and feel stylish and elegant.

Today, upwards of 20% of women are now expecting before they marry and these brides are no different in their search for the perfect dress.

Freeasy Chic Bridal did not want these women having to compromise on their choices. Today’s maternity brides are challenging old traditions when it comes to choosing their dress. Style, elegance and comfort are essential.

Most of Freeasy Chic Bridal’s gowns are custom designed to flatter the ever changing figure of the maternity bride, with an emphasis on dramatic cuts that are structured, yet soft and flowing.

Wedding Gown Quality

What does quality wedding gown beading look like?

Quality wedding gown beading is done typically by hand using sapphire quality beads, small sea pearls or Swarowski crystal, and it is different from lower quality built beading which may only be glued on and would be poor quality crystal.

What do quality wedding gown seams look like?

A quality wedding gown seam is going to be properly finished and should not show through your gown. So that even if it is properly pressed, you are seeing minimum seam lines through your wedding gown.

What is a ‘couture’ wedding gown?

A couture wedding gown is a loosely used term these days. But typically it means that the gown is made within a couture house as opposed to a larger factory with many other designer’s gowns are made. And it typically is made on shore in North America or in Europe as opposed to China where gowns are more mass produced.

What does a quality wedding gown lining look like?

A quality wedding gown lining should be, in many cases, in a good gown, it’s as an expensive of fabric as the top of the gown. It gives the gown body and movement.

What does a quality wedding gown fabric look and feel like?

Typically you will be able to both see and feel the difference in a quality wedding gown fabric. The difference is this. Typically it’s going to look much more glossy and it’s going to feel more luxurious. Of course, in the case of lace, it doesn’t necessarily feel beautiful. But good lace is handmade, mostly in France. It’s becoming a rarer fabric to find, and therefore more exclusive, and therefore more expensive.

What does quality wedding gown sewing look like?

Quality wedding gown sewing is sewing that really shouldn’t be seen to the naked eye. It means that the gown is hand-finished, and therefore every detail on that gown is exquisite. A hand-finished gown will often also have buttons and handmade loops down the back of the gown, which gives it a couture look.

What does a quality wedding gown hem look like?

A quality wedding gown hem is a hem that you should not really be aware of – the gown should just fade into infinity. A quality wedding gown hem is more likely to be hand stitched or if it is machine stitched, it’s going to be very finely done.

What makes a wedding gown uncomfortable?

A wedding gown mostly becomes uncomfortable if it does not fit. When you order your wedding gown you will learn all about sizing and fit. But if the gown is fitting you properly and is properly made, that is it has a good lining inside it, you will be comfortable on your wedding day.

Tips for planning a unique and personalized wedding

Sharon Naylor, author of “Your Wedding Your Way” shares her top tips with us on how to create a one-of-a-kind wedding, most of which won’t cost you a dime!

1. Use elements of your love story in every area of your wedding; from the food on the menu to the songs on your playlist. Draw from the best memories of your falling-in-love days. Serving the same creme brulee that you had the night you got engaged reminds you of a very special moment in your love story, and let’s guests share in the fabulous elements of your history. Some ideas: use the songs he loaded onto your iPod when you were first dating, serve the same vintage of wine that you served him the first time you cooked dinner for him, choose a coconut custard wedding cake filling to pay homage to the first island vacation you took together (and the dessert you shared while watching the sun set over the ocean…just before he proposed.)

2. Bring in songs you like for the party. If you don’t create and submit a list, the deejay or band will most likely just play songs from the Top 100 Cliche Songs Played at All Weddings. Including the Chicken Dance. No one wants that. So sit down with your groom, go through your iPods and your iTunes selections and create your own lineup of great songs—some of them obscure, all of them family-friendly— to make your reception unique and memorable…and sentimental to you.

3. Choose a location that’s unlike anything your friends have done, but make sure the site you choose has all of the items you’ll need without spending a fortune on rentals. I’m a big fan of bed & breakfasts for small to medium-sized weddings. They’re unique and charming, some are big enough for all of your guests to stay there and have all events in one place, and many are located in fantastic tourism areas like wine country and ski resort areas. You can then have a destination wedding just a few hours away, if that. To find a great B&B, go to http://www.BnBFinder.com

4. Theme your rehearsal dinner and morning-after breakfasts. These two events have been virtually theme-free for years, which is mind-boggling! They’re such great opportunities for you to honor one or both of your cultures, or a theme you may have considered for your reception but decided against (such as an outdoor clam bake that would have been too expensive for 200 guests, but is perfect for 20 guests as the rehearsal dinner!).

5. Tweak the Father-Daughter and Mother-Son dances to make those first dances more unique. It’s already been a trend for brides and grooms to do a tango or some other fun, unexpected dance instead of the side to side swaying slow dance, so borrow that idea for the parental dances. You might even decide to invite your entire families out for each of your songs. At one recent wedding, the mother of the groom suggested that the entire family join them on the dance floor to enjoy the song ‘On Broadway,’ her favorite song from her son’s era as captain of the drum line in high school. It was completely fun and got both parents and the groom’s siblings honored in that special group dance…far better than dancing to ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ like so many other grooms and moms.

6. Tell your caterer you’d like to get adventurous with your menu. Avoid “the usuals” and bring in organic foods if you’re the green-minded type. Even if the dishes you select are from “the inexpensive list” of pasta and chicken, your caterer can dress them up with unique sauces that make it seem like you spent more than you did. Just by virtue of having something different on the menu, it impresses, and it allows you to bring in your favorite foods.

7. Write your own ceremony. Of course, houses of worship may have rules about what you can add to their traditional scripts, so get permission before you write your own poems or add your own favorite readings from terrific authors and classic voices. It’s the words that make the wedding, so this is the ultimate area in which to personalize your day.

8. Propose a toast. Yes, the Best Man gets the first toast at the reception and the Maid of Honor proposes the next toast. In the past, the bride and groom have stayed away from the microphone, but now it’s a fabulous touch for you to take the microphone right before you cut the cake and thank your parents for a lifetime of love and support, as well as thanking your guests for being there to share your day. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to circulate to all guest tables to say an in-person hello. It’s a way to make your day your own, and lets you deliver a heartfelt message to the most important people around you.

9. Use elements from your heritage. This is making a huge comeback right now. Ask your in-the-know relatives, and—this is a goldmine of ideas—contact the national association for your heritage (found online) to learn about cultural wedding rites that you can incorporate into your plans. Then give a modern twist to (such as sipping plum wine with his parents, rather than having his mom throw plums at you for luck), and make it fun for all of your guests.

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How to choose your Wedding Dress?

1. Before You Shop
Don’t start trying on gowns until you’ve confirmed a few logistics: What time of year will the wedding take place? Where will the reception be? This will keep you from buying a dress that won’t feel right on the day of (velvet for a garden wedding, a billowing skirt for a reception in a tiny restaurant). But don’t wait too long to begin shopping. It takes four to six months to have a dress made and fitted, sometimes longer for one with intricate handwork. If you start shopping eight to twelve months in advance, you won’t feel rushed — or encounter rush charges.

2. Set a Budget
It’s important to establish your budget before setting foot in a store, that way you don’t get your heart set on something you cannot afford. It’s important you find a dress you love, but also doesn’t use up your entire budget. “Brides want to see what they are getting for their money. They are much more self-conscious shoppers than they used to be,” says designer Vera Wang.

3. What to Expect at the Bridal Shop
Most bridal boutiques require appointments, which will ensure that you’ll get the personal attention that is part of what makes buying a wedding dress so special. Treat the appointment as the important event it is. Don’t try to squeeze it in on a lunch hour; don’t go straight from the gym. Bring someone who will enjoy sharing this experience with you, such as your mother or a bridesmaid, but don’t show up with an entourage; too many opinions only detract from the one that counts — yours.
At the boutique, you will be ushered into a large dressing room, where the first step is usually discussing your wedding plans with your saleswoman. Bring pictures from books and magazines of dresses and details you admire.
Your saleswoman will probably bring dresses to you one at a time. They will be sample sizes (sizes eight or ten). Don’t worry if you’re larger or smaller: After the saleswoman helps you into the dress, she’ll either clip it or hold it closed in back to approximate a fit, giving you an idea of how it will look in your size. And keep an open mind; many women are surprised to discover what really suits them best.

4. Which Silhouette is Right for You?
Learn all about the most popular wedding dress silhouettes and what body types they work best for, then browse the latest designer styles.

5. Appropriate Dress
What type of event you’re hosting will also play a role in what type of dress you should wear. Whether you’re hosting an event during the day or the evening, we’ve gathered ideas on what is appropriate for a semiformal, formal, and informal affair.

6. Is It the One?
The right dress will satisfy both your head and your heart — as well as your budget. Consider practical matters: You may wear this dress only once, but it will be for a long, important day, and you’ll feel more beautiful if you’re comfortable. So lift your arms, as you will when you’re dancing, and try sitting down and standing up, as you will probably do many times during the reception. Is the dress unbearably heavy or cumbersome? Does a corset-like bodice feel too confining; is a charmeuse slip dress too revealing? Does the fabric seem inclined to wrinkle at your waistline or gape at the neck? Remember that some of these problems will disappear when the dress in the right size is fitted to you. If there’s a specific feature you don’t like, talk to your saleswoman. The manufacturer or the boutique’s seamstress can work wonders: Puffy sleeves can be deflated; plunging necklines can be raised.

7. Finishing Touches
After you’ve made your decision, your measurements will be taken. Even if you’re planning on losing some weight, the dress should be ordered to the size you are on that day, since it’s much easier to take a dress in than let it out. At many stores, you will leave a deposit of 50 percent at this point, with the remainder due after your first or last fitting. After the store orders your gown from the designer, it takes a few months to be made. The store will call you when it comes in, and at that time you’ll make an appointment for your first fitting, six to eight weeks before your wedding (if you need your gown in advance, for a formal portrait or another similar occasion, tell the boutique ahead of time).

8. The Accessories
Accessories can be purchased from most bridal boutiques when you choose your gown. But it may be a good idea to make a separate appointment, still well before the first fitting, so you can give your full attention to selecting them. On that day, consider visiting your hairdresser first for a wedding-day trial run; this will make choosing a veil and headpiece easier. Some people prefer to shop around for accessories, buying shoes at a shoe store and stockings at a department store.
Regardless of where you buy your accessories, it is important to have them in time for your first fitting, where you’ll try on your entire ensemble. After having dreamed about this dress for months, you may have misgivings on seeing it for the first time — it still may not fit or look like you’ve envisioned it. Relax — this feeling is common. Trust your judgment, and let the seamstress do her work, pinning it for a perfect fit. This is the time to make sure you feel comfortable in the dress, to anticipate problems and find solutions; if your bra straps keep sneaking into view, for example, the seamstress can put in lingerie loops to keep them in place

9. The Alterations and the Final Fitting
The alterations will be made before you go back for your second fitting. When you try on the dress this time, it may be just right, or it may need further tweaking. Tiny changes may be made while you wait, or you may need to go back again for one or more additional fittings. Make sure you try on the dress after the very last stitch is in — you don’t want any surprises on your wedding day. At your final fitting, bring the person who will bustle it for you, so she can be shown how to operate the ties, hooks, loops, or buttons.
The finished gown will be pressed and packed with lots of paper and often a body form to help it keep its shape; you can take it with you or have it shipped. At home, carefully remove it from the garment bag or box, and hang it from a high spot where it won’t be disturbed — or spied by your fiance. You, on the other hand, will be peeking at it several times a day. How can you help it? The cake, the flowers, and the band are still just images in your mind, but here, at last, is something you can touch, something that makes it all feel real.


The Romanticist is dreamily captivated by creating an ethereal vision of a world that is filled with enchantment and whimsy. Delicate ruffles, billowing sleeves or a lavish train fully bustled are some of the extravagant details that epitomize a romantic wedding gown. Whether it’s a tulle confection worthy of Degas or an ode to Scarlet O’Hara, the romanticist refuses to shy away from anything pretty. Her choice of attire never betrays her true nature. For her, looking girlish need not mean sacrificing style. Femininity and flirtation are her preferred tools of seduction, and she embraces them equally.