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Comments for Freeasy Sales

Just want to share with u some of comments from malaysia bridal forum:

1) The rates I mentioned are rental rates. But I think Freeasy definitely cheap (quality also good), and I forgot to mention they r having a sale for up to 50% right now. This is their blog, some prices are listed: https://atleast1.wordpress.com/. Freeasy also strictly by appointment only, so if you plan to go, do give them a call first.

2) I rented some affordable gowns for my AD, quality is also good, they also do MTM and sell their gowns. You can check Freeasy Bridal at

so far, they have one of the more affordable rates in town. Pretty in white also have rental as well, and it I think their rates also ok, older collection goes for RM980 ++ while the newer ones are RM1300 and above. Freeasy one are from RM600 and above.

3) I went to freeasy’s shop last week with my friend. She rented 2 pcs WG for rm1,300. But, honestly speaking, their design are special compared to others.

more info, pls log on to: